more sketches

I uploaded some more sketches to my tumblr page . I’m liking only a tiny fraction of what I’m doing, but I’m feeling progress.


My hand problems seem to be gone for the time being, and what can I say, I am REALLY enjoying  being able to draw after work. I got myself a pocket sized sketchbook and I make sure I always have it with me. It’s great.

I can’t wait to have some time off and go sketch to a different location. All these were done during the commute or at work.

Here are some pages from this week:

sketches and photographs

I’ve been drawing a lot lately. I got a pocket size sketchbook, and I’m always taking it with me. My hands aren’t hurting anymore for some reason. I had forgotten how cool it is to draw whenever I want! So here’s a selection from this week. Hopefully with time, editing will not be necessary. Oh and, I also uploaded some new photos to the Tumblr. Twitter, WordPress, Tumbler, Facebook…what a mess.

Apparently, comments are not working…Any wordpress experts out there? help?

Late night doodles

check out a higher res version of the bottom right one in the sketches gallery or just click here .

Honda Leap

I’ve just stumbled upon a nice making off video of an ad I did a few quick concepts for while I was freelancing at The Mill. You can see them around one minute in. I did a few variations of how the   portal could look like from the inside of the house. I had a plate from the set and I used sketchup, maxwell and photoshop to get out some quick passes  to composite and paint on top in PS. The 3d guys really took it to the next level.


A quick head sculpt using Sculptris. It’s funny how modelling something really shows you which areas you don’t understand at all.

I can’t recommend Sculptris enough. If you want to figure out a space, use Sketchup, but if you’re painting some complex organic shape and want to figure out how it behaves under light, or if you just want to have fun a model a bust, you should definitely give it a go. It’s ideal for the less technically oriented, you won’t have to worry about mesh detail or topology.

You can even get the free maxwell plugin for sketchup and have a play with materials and lights! and they’re all free.

More South Africa paintings

Some more paintings based on the South Africa photos I took in the trip. Trying to really think about color and strokes before I lay them down, rather than massaging the image into a state that pleases. More to come!

night speedie

Based on one of the pictures from the trip. I like the contrast between random/natural shapes and  the manmade ones.

Southafrican roadtrip

Just got back from an amazing trip around the Garden Route in Southafrica. You can check some of the pictures in my tumblr.

Thanks to Cris and Luigi for inviting me!



Mental notes:

– I like roads+landscapes. Should I start a series?

-Should get a driver’s license. Would help with note no.1

-Camera Raw is cool. Clarify is dangerous

Flexing the drawing muscle

I’m trying to get back in drawing shape. There’s a nice life drawing course on Mondays and Thursdays and a bunch of us are trying to attend regularly. Well, I’M trying, others are doing great. Today I managed to make it early and was there for almost the entire class. I did miss the quick poses though, precisely what I’m most interested in. But it was great anyway. For a few seconds  I was in the Zone. I’m posting all my life drawings in the tumblr blog now, so head there if you want to have a look!